• A unique Club. It is a community, a spirit, an experience. Club Med is much more than an all-inclusive hotel. It has its codes, its vocabulary, its history.
    Jane Bennett
  • A group that expands, develops, builds, which evolves according to its experiences and its history. New marriages, sometimes separations and above all many births make Club Med a family like no other.
    Mark Anthony
  • Gravitating around this universe since always, we decided to be the best specialists and to benefit our customers. Take a well-deserved break with our private excursions.
    Christina Hardy
    Marketing Manager

Why Choose Us?

Because our experience is treasured;
Because we are passionate, real fans of the club;
Because we visit at least 10 villages per year;
Because we know the GOs and the GEs;
Not only than we know the chiefs of the villages, but we also know what type of village chief they are and this can guide your choices;
Because we have been to 30 villages and we know them. We can give you our impressions, but above all our recommendations, our favorites impressions;
45 years of Club Med;

“Investing in travel is investing in yourself.” – Matthew Karsten

Our services

World Class Service

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An average of 10 unique villages visited by counselor

An average of 5 stays per advisor per year

Over 30 villages visited in total by our advisers